Feb 9, 2017

Human Nature and the ONJ Centre in perfect harmony



Toby Allen, Phil Burton, and brothers Andrew and Michael Tierney spread warmth and compassion with their beautiful smiles from the moment they arrived.

With no musical accompaniment, just their trademark harmonies, they sang ‘People Get Ready’ and ‘Under The Boardwalk’ to a very appreciative audience. Many patients were able to come from the wards to enjoy the performance and were even more delighted at the end of the performance to have the opportunity for a chat and photos when Human Nature left the stage to mingle with the crowd.

Toby, Phil, Andrew and Michael moved into Day Oncology to bring a little more beautiful music to the patients receiving chemotherapy and unable to move away from the ward.  After singing ‘Every Time You Cry’–this time without even microphones–a totally natural performance, they again said hello and had a chat with patients. 

“My day started off badly because I had to have chemotherapy, but now it has turned into the best day,” said Irene.  These sentiments were echoed throughout the ward where patients and families were delighted to have the attention of Human Nature. The smiles on the faces of patients said it all.

The boys from Human Nature were grateful for the opportunity. “To be able to share the joy of music with you all is wonderful,” they said.