Nov 28, 2018

First art therapy exhibition at ONJ Wellness centre

Patients and carers share in art making

The open studio is an art therapy group that runs every Wednesday at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

It's a space where patients and carers are free to express their emotions and feelings through art.

Senior Art Therapist Fiona Scottney facilitates these art therapy sessions.

"There's an underlying therapeutic intention, it's not just about creating art or being good at art. It's about engaging in creativity. There are many healing aspects of being in this space" says Fiona.

Art therapy is also a form of psychotherapy.

"We are providing opportunities for people to understand their experience through the art making process and the resulting artwork itself.

"The resulting artwork may have significant symbolism and may be about a whole range of things, it's very individual with deep and personal content" says Fiona.

All participants were welcome to take part in exhibiting their work, or just participate in the experience of being in the open studio.

"People who may not have considered art or thought about it, get to experience new opportunities and possibilities" says Divisional Manager, Integrated Cancer Services Penelope Sanderson.

"We know that developing an artist identity can be really important during and after cancer treatment and the exhibition really highlights this experience" says Penelope.

The art exhibition is currently being displayed at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, level 3 walkway.