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Tumour Targeting Program

Developing new imaging probes and therapies for cancer patients.

The Tumour Targeting Program collectively focuses on the targeting, molecular imaging and treatment of tumours, as well as exploring mechanisms of targeted therapy resistance and receptor-based signaling pathways responsible for cancer cell growth.

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Our laboratories


Tumour Targeting LABORATORY

We target tumours by exploring how the proteins found on the cancer cell surface can be utilised to inhibit growth or kill tumours. We develop antibodies that may help us detect cancer cells through highly sensitive medical imaging technologies, as well as antibodies that directly trigger cell-killing mechanisms in the tumour.

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Receptor Biology LABORATORY

We study cell surface proteins that control intercellular interactions and cell migration within a tumour and its surrounding microenvironment as a means of promoting tumour growth or spread. We aim to develop treatments that can specifically bind with and inhibit these proteins and therefore selectively kill the tumour cells on which they are particularly common.

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