Psycho-oncology grants and publications

Psycho-oncology research studies the psychological, social and behavioural aspects of cancer, to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.


  • Cancer Australia Grant: "Optimising the engagement of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse cancer patients and their families with supportive care designed to improve wellbeing" $130,705 over 3 years (2018-2021). Carlene Wilson, Gemma Skaczkowski, Vicki White, Trish Livingston, and Ms Penelope Sanderson.(2018)
  • Cancer Australia: “Co-designing patient engagement strategies for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) cancer consumers Dr Reema Harrison, Professor Merrilyn Walton, Professor Elizabeth Manias, Professor Carlene Wilson, Dr Desiree Leone, Monika Latanik, Dr Melvin Chin, Dr Meron Pitcher, Dr Helen Crowther, Dr Holly Seale”. (2019 -2020) $119,660
  • PdCCRC Cancer Australia Application 1182598: “Increasing resilience and reducing smoking for lower socio-economic groups” Paul Ward, George Tsourtos, Emma Miller, Sharon Lawn, Carlene Wilson (2020 to 2022) $553,000
  • NHMRC Ideas Grant APP1180925: “Enhancing safety and care quality for culturally and linguistically diverse cancer consumers: A consumer engagement approach” Reema Harrison, Merrilyn Watson, Elizabeth Manias, Carlene Wilson, Holly Seale, Afaf Girgis, Allan Smith, Ben Smith  (2020-2022) $417,809
  • ARC Discovery Project DP190103434: “Understanding middle-aged women’s responses to alcohol/breast cancer risks”. Paul Ward; Megan Warin; Carlene Wilson; Ian Olver; Emma Miller; Paul Bissell; Samantha Meyer; Sara Macdonald (2019-2021). $461,327.00
  • NHMRC Project Grant APP1160443: “FIT for purpose: personalised surveillance colonoscopy for people at increased risk of colorectal cancer” Erin Symonds, Graeme Young, Carlene Wilson, Robert Fraser, Peter Bampton and Ernst Kuipers. (2019 – 2021). $880,237.60
  • Cancer Australia: “Co-designing patient engagement strategies for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) cancer consumers Dr Reema Harrison, Professor Merrilyn Walton, Professor Elizabeth Manias, Professor Carlene Wilson, Dr Desiree Leone, Monika Latanik, Dr Melvin Chin, Dr Meron Pitcher, Dr Helen Crowther, Dr Holly Seale”. (2019 -2020) $119,660
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Centenary Grant. Awarded for two projects: (1) Impact of music therapy on cancer survivors and (2) Returning to work after cancer. (Wilson, C. & Skaczkowski, G). (2018). $20,000
  • North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service: Service improvement grants program. Helping brain cancer survivors return to “life as usual”. (Smith, P., Skaczkowski, G., Legge, D., Pike, K., Sanderson, P., Wilson, C). (2018-2019) $13,567.

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  • Skaczkowski, G., Asahina, A., & Wilson, C. (Accepted 29 January 2020). Returning to work after cancer: What facilitates a positive return to work experience? Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation,https://doi.org/10.1007/s10926-020-09881-3 (IF=2.242), Q1.
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