Our achievements

Our mission is to discover and develop breakthrough cancer therapies to provide the best health outcomes for patients.

Our seven core research programs are investigating and developing treatments for a broad spectrum of cancer types including breast, bowel, liver, lung, melanoma, gastrointestinal and brain cancer.



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Our approach ensures the rapid translation of scientific discovery to breakthrough therapies.

Emerging discoveries from the laboratory are made available through trials for the benefit of cancer patients with Institute investigators overseeing 60-70 clinical trials any one time. Observations from the clinic are then investigated by our research team. We thereby create a continual cycle of learning and improvement between scientific research and care. 


We are committed to the continual discovery, development and trial of breakthrough therapies in the fight against cancer. The Hon. John Brumby, ONJCRI Chairman

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Research Studies

Across seven core research programs, there are more than 140 research studies currently underway.



Since the Institute opened in January 2015 our researchers have published over 200 academic papers.


Clinical Trials

Our researchers partner with clinicians and patients. At any one time, there are between 60-70 clinical trials led by Institute investigators.


School of Cancer Medicine

As the La Trobe University School of Cancer Medicine we currently have over 30 students receiving world-class training in translational research.


12% increase in staff

In June 2016, we welcomed our seventh laboratory group, Translational Breast Cancer Research led by Prof. Robin Anderson.