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Discovering and developing breakthrough therapies

Our team of researchers and clinicians are committed to making scientific discoveries that will help patients today and transform the future.


Our leadership

Our leadership approach reflects our strong commitment to translation from the bench to the bed side to accelerate learning. We work collaboratively to ensure all research programs and projects have the potential to be translated from laboratory to clinic. Whilst the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute is a relatively new entity, it has inherited successful research programs and laboratory heads from Ludwig Cancer Research. In addition, established groups have joined from Walter & Eliza Hall and Peter MacCallum.

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Our researcher clinicians

To ensure the rapid translation of learnings between the laboratory and the clinic we have a team of researcher clinicians. Our researcher clinicians move between the clinic, where they treat patients across numerous cancer types, and the laboratory, where they collaborate with researchers to improve and develop treatments. Being in the clinic regularly means our researcher clinicians are asking the questions that matter most to our patients and work to find answers every day.

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