What have others experienced and what has helped them? patients and carers

We are often asked this question here at the ONJ Centre. We've created LIV ON to help people who have been touched by cancer to help others. We want to encourage people to learn from each other by sharing experiences, learnings and knowledge. You can watch and learn from the LIV ON stories that people have kindly shared.


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View a collection of stories from people who have their own cancer journey to share. Learn how patients try to stay positive, what gives them hope and how survivors not only survive but thrive.

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Cancer not only affects patients but also the people that support them. Hear how important it is for carer's to care for themselves as well as caring for their loved one. This is also a place for memories to be cherished.

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The ONJ Centre team share their knowledge and breakthrough stories. Learn what research is currently being undertaken and hear from our therapists as they explain the benefits of the services they provide at the ONJ Centre.

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help others to learn from your experience

If you or someone you love has been touched by cancer, then you have an experience others can learn from. You share your story as a video, in words or as images. You might be a patient, survivor, carer, family, friend, doctor, nurse or researcher. Together we will build a global community of care with our stories of hope, our commitment to thrive and by remembering the people we love.

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Music helps Olivia to LIV ON

When Olivia was going through her cancer journey the love and support of others gave her hope when she needed it most. Olivia again turned to her community when her sister Rona died of brain cancer. This time, the way she healed was to write an album called LIV ON. LIV ON means to have hope, to thrive and to remember. Together with Amy Sky and Beth Nielsen Chapman, Olivia created the LIV ON album, with which the ONJ Centre LIV ON global community of care shares its name, to help those who wish to transcend loss while walking a journey toward new found meaning and hope. "It's our intention with this album to give a message of compassion and hope. The songs are for anyone facing a time of challenge in their life, whether it is grieving a loss - or on the journey to health and recovery", said Olivia.

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storytelling allows us to connect with people, loved ones and strangers alike, it contributes to wellness. Drew emery, storyteller

Drew Emery, a storyteller and film maker has over 30 years experience capturing and sharing the stories of people going through health challenges. We asked him why he believes story telling is so important. Read more...

How LIV ON has built a community of care for Helen

When Helen was diagnosed with cancer, it impacted everyone in her family in different ways. Here are the stories from her family, who were there for her throughout her experience. Her father Ian, niece Tahlia and brothers Duncan and Robin tell their story.

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