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What keeps me motivated to keep fundraising for The ONJ Centre? That's easy - it is the people. The patients and their families ...

I have worked with Austin Health and the ONJ Centre for over 10 years in the role of Director of Fundraising & Development. When I began we were sharing a dream with donors. A vision of creating a centre that would combine the very best of clinical care, medical research and wellness and supportive care within one facility where patients were at the heart of everything we did - and the dream sounded amazing!

10 years on - the dream has come true. And it is even better than I imagined. The ONJ Centre is offering support to patients, in body, mind and spirit. I’m so proud every time I step foot into the centre, and speak to patients and families and hear of the great work that the staff are doing to support people on their cancer journey. And so now - today's dream is even bigger ... Wellness and Cure.

What keeps me motivated to keep fundraising for The ONJ Centre? That's easy - it is the people. The patients and their families ... hearing and seeing their stories and their never ending fight to go on or get through to the next phase. It is also the staff - brilliant clinicians, researchers, therapists, nurses and admin team - all who care so much. And finally the donors. People who share the dream of creating this special place not only for patients today - but for tomorrow.

Today our dream is not to create a centre (we have achieved that!) but to ensure that every patient who walks through our doors has access to the best of medical care, opportunities to explore a range of wellness and complimentary therapies, and importantly that we never stop our research until we have found not only better ways to treat cancer, but one day that we find a cure! The dreams are big, but together they are achievable.

Personally, like everyone, I have been touched by cancer many times. For me - the most significant was the loss of my best friend around 10 years ago. A photo of my friend, Nicole, sits on my desk. On the days when it is busy and it feels tough, I look at that photo and it renews my energy and my resolve to ensure we do everything we can to continue to support the ONJ Centre.

For me, every patient with cancer is someone's family and someone's best friend. Every patient has a story - today and tomorrow. And at the ONJ Centre we will do all that we can to ensure that story is the best it can be. So what motivates me - the dream of always doing better. The vision of a future based on wellness and care, and hopefully the word cure. The desire to ensure that each individual and their family gets the support and care they need throughout their journey. The dream to help people, just like my best friend Nicole, to go through their own personal cancer journey. Thank you for letting me share a part of my story - and thank you to all the donors who keep this dream of a better future alive!

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