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Two years ago, I was told that my Auntie had Cancer. At the time, being only eleven I didn't understand or have the knowledge to comprehend how difficult these next few years would be for her as an individual and for us a family. My Auntie and I have been close since I was extremely young. We were so similar in the little things that made her like my big sister. Our big personalities, our thick curly hair and our smiles. I aspired to be like her. Always so kind and generous, the light of every family gathering.

While she was going through treatment I began to realise what was happening. There was a solemn feeling in the room when someone brought up the topic of her treatment. I really didn’t know what Cancer was and I hadn’t been introduced to google so I didn’t find out. All I knew was that my Auntie was sick. I thought about when I’m sick, about how I want to be treated. We have always had such bright personalities and I know she wouldn’t want this to stop her from having a life. We worked together as a family and stayed strong as she went through Chemotherapy. I remember seeing her hair thin each time I saw her. We looked less and less alike, but we didn’t drift apart. We stayed as a team.

Shortly after she shaved her head and I saw how cool it looked, I followed suit. I shaved my head and now we look like sisters again. Now she’s made it through the turbulent path that Cancer took her through, she has emerged as beautiful and amazing as ever.

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