Patient & survivor stories

This is a collection of stories from people who have their own cancer journey to share. By providing a place to learn from others experiences we hope to build a global community of care.

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Carer & Family Member Stories

Cancer not only affects patients but also the people that support them. Learn from other carer and family member experiences. Hear how important it is for carer's to care for themselves as well as caring for their loved one.

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ONJ Centre Stories

ONJ Centre therapists and researchers share their knowledge and breakthrough stories. Learn what research is currently being undertaken and hear from our therapists as they explain the benefits of the services they provide at the ONJ Centre.


Helen's Family's Stories

When Helen was diagnosed with cancer, it impacted everyone in her family in different ways. Here are the stories from her family, who were there for her throughout her experience. Her father Ian, niece Tahlia and brothers Duncan and Robin tell their story.

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We've already heard from many patients and carers that learning from others is so important to help them get through their experience. What helps you through each day? What can others do to support you?

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