Cancer Information & Resources

A cancer diagnosis may raise many questions for patients, family members and carers. From the point of diagnosis to completing treatment, we are committed to providing current, reliable and consumer endorsed information in your preferred format. From written and digital information to audio and visual resources, our information service is available to help you locate specific resources based on your interest areas.


Information in your language

If you have any difficulty finding information in your preferred language, please ask a volunteer to help, or you can speak to a cancer nurse through an interpreter by calling Cancer Council Victoria's Multilingual Cancer Information Line on 13 14 50. You may also access cancer information fact-sheets and videos anytime, through the Cancer Council NSW website.

Austin Health's interpreters, who speak more than 70 languages are available to assist you. Austin Health can provide you with the services of a professional interpreter or Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer during your hospital stay or appointment. Please ask your doctor or nurse to arrange one for you. You may also request an interpreter with a member of your treatment team when you make your next Specialist Clinic appointment.


Nick Warren

Cancer Information & Resource Manager

+61 3 9496 9815


The Info Lounge

Here you will be able to find reliable information, access computers and speak to a staff member or volunteer for support. Located on Level 3 of the ONJ Centre, across from the cafe.

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Online information and resources

Seeking information on cancer can be a daunting task, particularly as there is a wealth of information available online. Much of this information is not supported by research, and trying to determine which information is trustworthy and which isn't can be difficult and frustrating. To make it easier to find what you are looking for, browse our resource list above or contact our Cancer Information & Resource Manager for support and guidance, and find the most useful information to you.