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 Jun 15, 2017

Preserving self-esteem and dignity

Thanks to the generosity of the Pranjivan family and Tour de Fight BACC, the Day Oncology ward at the ONJ Centre recently took delivery of a new scalp cooling device, designed to help minimise hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.


Scalp cooling works by lowering the temperature of the head and scalp immediately before, after and during chemotherapy treatment.  Reduced activity due to cooling makes hair follicles less vulnerable to the damage of chemotherapy agents, minimising the damage and meaning that hair loss can be reduced or even prevented.

Annette, recently diagnosed with breast cancer, was the first patient at the ONJ Centre to use the scalp cooling device.

“I have always been blessed with a good head of hair, and it’s always been long and blonde,” says Annette.  “It does define me in a way – people have always… complimented me about it.  The thought of losing my hair really does upset me and up until now I have not thought of myself as particularly vain…. I guess I like to feel feminine, and after the mastectomy… I feel I have lost a lot of my femininity, which saddens me.”

“I feel so excited and lucky to be given some hope that I may be able to keep my hair or the majority of it.”

After completing chemotherapy and five weeks of radiotherapy, Annie is delighted with the success of the scalp cooling device.

“I’ve been so happy, I have been lucky enough to keep most of my hair and I’m getting regrowth in my bald patches,” says Annie.  “The scalp cooling system has really been a success story for me!”

By donating today, you can make such a difference for people undergoing cancer treatment, like Annette. Thank you!