Clinical Haematology

Haematology is the area of medicine focused on the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to blood. At the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, the Department of Clinical Haematology cares for patients with:


  • malignant haematological disorders, including cancers of the blood, bone marrow or lymph nodes. The most commonly known of these are various forms of acute and chronic leukaemia, lymphoma (both non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin), myelodysplasia and myeloma

  • non-malignant (benign) blood disorders such as anaemia, blood clots (thrombosis), bleeding and disorders of the bone marrow.

Why do I have an appointment with the Haematology Clinic?

Even though the Haematology Outpatients Clinic is located in the ONJ Centre, many patients seen in the clinic do not have cancer. There are many possible reasons why you might be referred to see a haematologist. Some of these include:

  • One or more abnormalities in your blood cells
  • Blood tests showing that you may have too much or too little iron in your body
  • An abnormal protein, know as a paraprotein, found in the blood
  • You may be suffering from one or more blood clots, or are considered at high risk of of one
  • You may be bruising or bleeding more than might be expected
  • There is a suspicion that you may have a blood cancer
  • You have a confirmed diagnosis of a blood cancer

You may be referred by your regular doctor, one of your specialists, or if you have an inpatient, by one of the doctors looking after you in hospital.

Where you might receive your haematology treatment


Haematology patients requiring inpatient care will be admitted to Ward 7S of the ONJ Centre. These may be patients who are undergoing intensive chemotherapy for leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or other haematological malignancies. It also includes patients undergoing an autologous or allogeneic stem cell transplant service. The needs of patients with other benign blood conditions such as clotting or bleeding problems are also managed on this ward.


General haematology clinics are held in Specialist Clinics on level 3 of the ONJ Centre. Clinics run on a Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. A specific thrombosis and haemostasis (clotting and bleeding) clinic runs on Tuesday morning. A survivorship clinic for patients recovering from the effects of intense chemotherapy is held on Tuesday afternoon.

Clinical Nurse Consultant contacts

Acute Leukaemia & Myelodysplasia Clinical Nurse Consultant

Vanessa Donati

+ 61 3 9496 9741


Allograft Clinical Nurse Consultant

Peter Shuttleworth

+61 3 9496 5236


Autograft & Survivorship Clinical Nurse Consultant

Priscilla Gates

+ 61 3 9496 4617


Lymphoma & CLL Clinical Nurse Consultant

Tania Cushion

+61 3 9496 9735


Myeloma & MPN Clinical Nurse Consultant

Emily Bramstedt

+ 61 3 9496 9738


Post Allograft Clinical Nurse Consultant

Alicia Orr  

+61 3 9496 9736 

Thrombosis, ITP & CML Clinical Nurse Consultant 

Trish Wise  

+61 3 9496 3230


For all other general medical matters contact

Haematology Unit Administrator
P.A. to Dr Andrew Lim, Director Clinical Haematology

+ 61 3 9496 5093

Out of hours

Page the Haematology Registrar via Austin Health switchboard

+ 61 3 9496 5000


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