Our research is recognised across the world. We perform breakthrough research across medical, nursing, allied health and psycho-oncology fields. We involve our patients in how we design and do research. Our focus is on getting the best outcomes for patients. We do all kinds of research at the ONJ Centre. We trial new drugs and other treatments, as well as the best ways to provide you with care and support.

We invite you to explore our different research programs below. Speak to your treatment team about whether any of these may be right for you.


Cancer Clinical Trials

Our Cancer Clinical Trials Centre is at the frontier of cancer medicine, with over 200 ongoing clinical trials. We provide patients with access to experimental and breakthrough treatments including immunotherapies, targeted therapies and personalised medicine, delivering better health outcomes every day.

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Microscope in the research laboratory

Medical Oncology research

Our Medical Oncology clinical trials test breakthrough targeted therapies and immunotherapies for many common cancers. Our strong reputation attracts many global clinical trials. This enables us to provide state of the art treatments for patients attending the centre. At any time, we have over 100 active clinical trials testing new treatments.

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Tubes of blood in Clinical Haematology

Clinical Haematology research

The Department of Clinical Haematology has an active research program for people with blood disorders and cancers.

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A patient being treated in the MRI-guided linear accelerator

Radiation Oncology research

Radiation Oncology research looks for new ways to treat cancer using radiation. We perform a wide range of research into many of the cancers that affect our patients. We're involved in small projects as well as large trials performed in collaboration with other centres across the world. We recently installed a new MRI-guided linear accelerator. This puts us at the forefront of exciting new research opportunities.

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Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute

The Newton-John Cancer Research Institute is embedded within the ONJ Centre. Researchers work just metres from where people are receiving treatment. This ensures that scientific discoveries are rapidly translated into breakthrough treatments for our patients. The Institute focuses on finding treatments for cancers of the breast, bowel and gastrointestinal tract, lung, skin, prostate, liver and brain. They also research rare cancers.

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Other research areas

All of the patient focused services at the ONJ Centre have an active research program. Find out more about these services:

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