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Medical Oncology research

Our Medical Oncology clinical trials test breakthrough targeted therapies and immunotherapies for many common cancers.

About Medical Oncology research

Our Medical Oncology research program is very active. Our researchers publish over 50 peer reviewed research papers per year. At any time, we have over 100 active clinical trials testing new treatments.

Our research program includes common cancers such as bowel, breast, lung, pancreas, liver, brain and prostate cancer. 

Our clinical trials test breakthrough targeted therapies and immunotherapies. This allows access to better therapies, often years before they are available in Australia. 

Our strong reputation attracts many global clinical trials. This enables us to provide state of the art treatments for patients attending the centre. 

We also take part in research that aims to improve patient selection for treatments or predict outcomes. This includes research: 
  • Using genomic sequencing of cancer tissue to look for genetic changes. This may lead to new individualised treatment approaches
  • To grow ‘tumour organoids’ to help select drug therapies
  • On ‘liquid biopsies’ that can test for tumour DNA circulating in your body

How to get involved

Please ask your treating doctor if there are studies available for your type of cancer. Let them know that you are interested in taking part in research. Even if a study is not available now, there may be research studies available in the future.

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