Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy, or radiotherapy, is a safe and effective cancer treatment that uses high energy X-rays to target and kill cancer cells. It works because cancer cells are more sensitive to radiation than normal cells. Therefore, cancer cells are destroyed while normal cells recover.

For patients with Medicare cover, radiation therapy at Austin Health is provided with no out-of-pocket treatment costs.

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For some people, radiation therapy is the main treatment to cure cancer, but it is often combined with other treatments including surgery, chemotherapy or hormone therapy. Radiation therapy can be given before, during or after these treatments. Radiation therapy is also useful to relieve symptoms of cancer such as pain, even in patients whose cancer is too advanced to be cured. Certain non-cancerous conditions can also be treated with radiation therapy.


Your radiation therapy treatment

Patients are usually referred for radiation therapy at Austin Health by their general practitioner, surgeon or medical oncologist.

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The team of radiation therapists at ONJ

Your radiation therapy team

Your team consists of a number of specialist roles including radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, radiation oncology medical physicists, nurses and allied health clinicians who work together to guide you through your radiation treatment and ensure you receive the best possible care.

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The team of radiation oncologists at ONJ

Our radiation oncologists

A Radiation Oncologist is a specialist doctor who prescribes a course of radiotherapy treatment and manages your care. Find out more about our Radiation Oncologists.

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We provide a comprehensive radiation therapy service, using modern techniques and technologies including brachytherapy and MR-guided radiation therapy.

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About our treatment centres

With state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and highly skilled staff, Radiation Oncology delivers world-class radiation therapy services to the people of north-east Melbourne and Victoria.

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