Radiation oncology team


Radiation oncologists

Radiation oncologists are medical specialists, responsible for the management of patients who require radiation therapy. The radiation oncologists at Austin Health work closely with medical oncologists, surgeons, haematologists, physicians and imaging specialists - such as radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians - to ensure management is coordinated and in accordance with the most relevant and up to date protocols.

Radiation therapists

Radiation therapists are responsible for the planning and delivery of your radiation therapy treatment. They work closely with your radiation oncologist and the medical physicists to ensure the safe and accurate delivery of your radiation therapy treatment. Radiation therapists are highly trained and skilled in the creation of individual treatment plans for each patient and the safe delivery of your radiation therapy. Radiation therapists can also provide advice about side effects you may experience.

Radiation oncology medical physicists

Radiation oncology medical physicists are responsible for ensuring the safe and accurate operation of the specialised equipment used to deliver your treatment. Accuracy is essential in the delivery of radiation therapy. Medical physics is one of our most precise health sciences. While you may never see a physicist these highly trained specialists work hard behind the scenes to create and implement new treatment methods. The medical physics team are responsible for quality assurance and maintenance of new and existing radiotherapy equipment and maintaining radiation safety. They work with the radiation oncologists and radiation therapists to design and deliver the best treatment plan for your needs.

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