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 Oct 5, 2017

Walking to give back

After a 30-year career in senior management, Ian Gelling’s world was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Since his diagnosis and treatment, Ian has been busier than ever, travelling the world, walking every day with his dog and is now giving back by getting involved in the Wellness Walk and Research Run.

“My life was challenging, diverse and interesting,” says Ian.  “But in 2015 my world was turned on its head when I suffered a major seizure and collapsed face first on the floor.”

Following a procedure on his brain (while he was awake) to extract a 5cm tumour, Ian was introduced to the world of gliomas (brain cancers).  Luckily, his was low grade – incurable, but with modern medicine he was able to be blessed with the gift of time.  Months of combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy followed, with various side effects, most of which were at least partially overcome with a great deal of rehabilitation.

“My wife Jane and I benefited from a much-needed network of support through world-class physicians, caring staff and researchers at the ONJ Cancer Centre, and an array of wellness programs, particularly the Brain Cancer Support Group and the Carers Support Group,” says Ian.

“These caring and compassionate peers know better than anyone what you’re going through.  From the bone crushing fatigue to the nausea, from the inexplicable spontaneous tears to the financial and legal fears, they get it.”

In the spirit that seems so common amongst people touched closely by cancer, Ian supported the recent Wellness Walk and Research Run, walking 5km to help raise money for people with cancer at the ONJ Cancer Centre.

“I’m walking to raise money for the ONJ Cancer Centre which played a huge part in my recovery and is helping to find new ways to treat and eradicate cancers.”

“Walking has been a big part of my rehabilitation after treatment for my brain cancer.  Even a 5-10 minute walk wakes me up and gets me feeling human again,” says Ian.  “It’s been a big motivator and a therapy in itself.  Now I walk more than 50km each week with my dog Chelsea.”

“My recovery has come so much further than I would have believed possible, thanks to this amazing place and the superheroes that reside in it.” 

Ian found out first-hand the value that Wellness programs made to his recovery. Ian also knows that these vital programs rely on donations from our community. Every gift matters, please join Ian and help other families by making a donation today.