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 Nov 3, 2017

A special thank you from Diana

Matt Falla was diagnosed with a tumour in his ethmoid sinus in 2013. This marked the beginning of a challenging and emotional time for Matt, his wife Diana, daughter Chloe and extended family.

Diana recently wrote a comment on the ONJ Cancer Centre Facebook page which touched all of us. We hope it touches you too, as it is only through your gifts that such wonderful support is available to families like Matt and Diana’s.

“My introduction to the Centre came at a time when I felt alone, isolated, disempowered and despondent, physically and mentally exhausted and at odds with the responsibilities and decisions I would have to make around Matt’s health – if in fact he survived.

For me, the Wellness Centre was a place of refuge, nurturing, information and resources.  The environment enabled me quiet reflection in a time of crisis and chaos.  I was able to rest and sleep for a few hours while others attended to Matt.  It enabled me to meet with friends, family and practitioners in a non-clinical setting.  And then there’s the energy of the Wellness Centre – hard to describe and powerful to embrace.

I relate this to you to give context around the incredible importance of the Centre’s focus on wellness.  And how this beautiful environment and space provided me as a carer a place to recharge and reconnect with myself and others, and begin to let in feelings of calm, hope and gratitude again.  The Wellness Centre and staff helped me to be the best I could be in support of Matt and my family at a challenging and emotional time.  It continues to this day to provide our family with support, resources and the opportunity to connect with amazing people.”

You are the reason families like Diana’s have the Wellness programs when they need them, please help other families by making a donation.