Olivia and Natalie Morales for News Story
 Mar 5, 2018

Olivia's Autumn message to you

Hello to all you wonderful ONJ Centre supporters! It gives me so much joy to be able to welcome 2018, especially after the challenging year I had last year with the recurrence of my breast cancer. 

I’ve been feeling fantastic and was excited to make an extra visit to Melbourne in November to meet with Natalie Morales from the USA Today show and take her on a tour of our amazing ONJ Centre!  Natalie interviewed me and you can see the videos here:

In Video 1 I talk about my own cancer diagnosis and treatment (1m28s)
Video 2 is about the wonderful ONJ Cancer Centre that we all built together (5m)


I also had the opportunity to visit patients and their families. I am always touched by the strength and hope of people affected by cancer.

Video 3 is my favourite - chatting to some of our amazing patients (3m40s)

I’m excited to let you know of another way you can support us. Have you seen our range of ONJ Centre merchandise?  From tees in micro mesh fabrics and calming candles to shady caps and handy notebooks, there’s something there for everyone! I will be so grateful for your support of this range which helps fund our vital work in cancer research, education, prevention and cancer support services. You can shop now or visit the new merchandise cabinet on Level 3!

To everyone who made a donation, ran an event, participated in the Wellness Walk and Research Run, joined Olivia’s Circle or took action to help in any way in 2017, I salute you and say, thank you!  

You are all very special souls and I am forever grateful that so many of you care for patients at the ONJ Centre.  You have helped me to feel supported, loved and that there is so much hope for all of us affected by cancer.

Love & light,