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 Mar 19, 2018

Spirit of giving lives on

A founding member of the ONJ Appeal committee, the late Max Campbell worked hard to help secure funding for the new ONJ Cancer Centre which opened in 2014. Max passed away unexpectedly the same year, and today his grand-daughters Eilish and Maeve are continuing his legacy of giving in a most charming way.


If you happen to be driving through the green and rolling hills of Nutfield, north-east of Melbourne, on a weekend in October, you might be lucky enough to come across Eilish and Maeve’s roadside Lemonade and Cake stall.  Since holding their first stall in 2013, Eilish (now 17) and Maeve (now 11) have raised more than $6,000 to help people with cancer at the ONJ Centre.

Brownies, chocolate balls and fresh lemonade have expanded to include yo-yos, jam biscuits, lemon slice and peppermint slice. Trade is busy, with many cars and cyclists stopping; the girls have created a lively community event, even accepting donations of baked goods from family and friends.

“Even though we are just two sisters holding a stall on the side of the road, we know that every little bit of money donated to the ONJ Centre counts,” says Eilish. “I want to continue to carry on my Pa’s legacy of his enormous community spirit and make him and my family proud.”

Maeve adds: “I know I am helping people who have cancer and hopefully making their visits to the ONJ Centre as comfortable as possible.” 

“I know that my Pa would be proud that we are continuing to raise money for the ONJ Centre.”

- Maeve If you are inspired by Eilish and Maeve and would like to hold your own community event to raise money to help people with cancer at the ONJ Centre, please contact Melissa Cramp, Community  Engagement Officer on 03 9496 4158 or email fundraising@onjcancercentre.org