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 Jul 26, 2018

‘We very rarely go out’

MERNDA woman Kim Cutajar will take part in the Olivia Newton-John Centre Wellness Walk and Research Run in September to support her husband Michael. 

Below she shares her story with the Whittlesea Leader and how the event can help others.

Michael was first diagnosed in May 1999 with colon cancer, then in 2015 and then for the third time in July 2017.

Since Michael’s diagnosis in July 2017, he has undergone radiation and chemotherapy in September 2017.

Michael was faced with the sad news that he had inoperable colon cancer and it is now terminal at the age of 54.

Michael recently commenced chemotherapy again in June.

Our whole life has been thrown into turmoil.

Michael is so sick we very rarely go out. I have given up work to look after him full time.

It’s so hard emotionally, financially and socially living everyday with the dark cloud over your head. I will be taking part in the Wellness Walk and Research Run in September.

In our team — the Cutajar Clan — is my daughter, my siblings, nieces, nephews and our friends.

By participating in the walk we are supporting Michael and other people with cancer by fundraising for the ONJ Centre. The support, compassion and dedication staff members and volunteers at the centre is so comforting and through their help, Michael was well enough to come home.

Margot Taylor, Whittlesea Leader

To take part in the walk on September 16, at La Trobe University Bundoora, and support families such as the Cutajars, visit the web address below.