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 Mar 27, 2019

Heroes in our midst

Two committed nurses show how easy it is to make a difference for people with cancer by taking on Run Melbourne.

Taylar Grech and Holly Foster decided last year to do something to keep themselves fit and to help the patients they work with every day by taking on Run Melbourne and fundraising to make a difference.

Taylar and Holly are nurses on Ward 6 South, a ward specialising in helping patients with cancer and urological conditions. 

“We love working with our patients and we felt honoured to be able to do something to help, even if only in a small way,” says Taylar. After creating their ‘6 South A-Team’ and rallying their family and friends for support, Taylar and Holly raised $1,595 by running 10km and gaining support from their friends, family and colleagues. They quickly discovered most people are willing to donate and support a challenge event, you just have to ask! 

In 2018, Run Melbourne ONJ Heroes were able to decide which ward or department received their raised funds.  

“It was wonderful to have the opportunity to raise money to help Ward 6 South buy equipment for our patients, helping to make their stay in hospital more comfortable,” says Holly.

Sean Mace, Nurse Unit Manager 6 South, is very grateful for the funds raised by the 6 South A-Team. 

“We were able to purchase a set of scales which come mounted into a chair,” says Sean. “This is important because it allows us to weigh patients who are immobile and unable to stand up on regular scales.  Different treatments require a weight for dosage calculations and some diseases can cause weight loss/gain which we need to monitor – for example certain heart conditions cause weight gain through fluid accumulation.”

The chair scales can also be used to move patients about once in the chair, saving multiple transfers.

“This type of flexibility means we can ensure better patient comfort,” says Sean. “Overall it was great to see the team come together to achieve a shared goal, it created really positive morale within the ward.”

We often hear about major philanthropic gifts and their enormous and profound impact in the community, but it’s often these smaller but just as important contributions that make a difference to patients’ lives every day. 
Individuals and teams taking on the Run Melbourne challenge this year will again be able to raise money specifically for their own department within the ONJ Centre.

Run Melbourne takes over our beautiful city on Sunday 28 July 2019. Run 5, 10 or 21km and fundraise for a department or ward of your choice! You can run as an individual or create your own team with colleagues, family and friends. Run with purpose!

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