Sally Dalton
 Oct 17, 2019

The art of waiting

A new exhibition in the ONJ Centre draws creative inspiration from an unusual source: hospital waiting rooms.

Creative arts therapist, Sally Dalton, created the exhibition, A Waiting Moment, after completing an artist in residency in the ONJ Centre's level three waiting area last year as part of her Master of Therapeutic Arts degree.

"Finding my voice as a creative arts practitioner in the space of the waiting area took some time. It wasn't always easy for people to feel comfortable engaging in art making, especially in a space as public and open as the level three waiting area," Sally says.

"I began to use video projection as a way to encourage engagement that might be less intrusive. The video projections were of my own art making as I worked in real time, and gave people the option to observe from a distance or to join in."

Sally's final artwork culminated in a screening where people in the waiting area were invited to paint over the projected videos.

You can see this in the final canvas and video in the exhibition, in the walkway between the ONJ Centre and level three of the Lance Townsend Building at Austin Hospital.

The exhibition was curated by ONJ Centre art therapist Fiona Scottney as part of our Art Therapy and Arts in Healthcare programs.