Kirsty Lachlan EPs lower res
 Feb 25, 2020

Look what you made possible!

Last Christmas we asked for your help to give patients a chance at life – through exercise. Thank you for saying YES!

ONJ Exercise Physiologist Kirsty McRae explained how exercise in the Wellness Gym can be life-changing for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Thanks to your outpouring of support, the Wellness Gym will stay open in 2020 for every patient in need including the specialised exercise program!

By supporting the Wellness Gym, you help patients complete their treatment, improve their quality of life and decrease their chance of cancer recurrence. Simply amazing.

“Thank you! Because of the community’s generosity, we opened the Wellness Gym last year, offering the leading specialist exercise program for people with cancer in Victoria, helping more than 300 patients.  And, because of your wonderful donations, we’ll be able to help even more people with cancer in 2020.”– Kirsty McRae

Without you, this would not be possible. Thank you.

 We have an exciting update!   

StuMorley-4801 cropped square lo resFollowing Lori’s (left, with her partner Jo, right) stem cell transplant and with continued exercise, she’s decreased the necessity for aggressive tablets from over 30 a day to less than a handful.  If you’re at the Wellness Centre, chances are you’ll find this inspiring couple creating art, expressing themselves through music and often, maintaining their mental resolve and physical strength with Kirsty and Lachlan in the Wellness Gym, made possible together with YOU.

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