Warrillow family
 Apr 8, 2020

Our father and daughter team on the coronavirus frontline

ICU Director Dr Stephen Warrillow and daughter Dr Madeleine Warrillow share their story with the Today Show

Dr Stephen Warrillow and his daughter, Dr Madeleine Warrillow, are working together to save COVID-19 patients.

“I think like any parent - very proud - also I have to admit, a tiny bit apprehensive - having a family member, someone I care about, at the front line," Austin Health ICU Director, Dr Stephen Warrillow, said.

“We’ve trained for this all our professional lives, we signed up for this, we have chosen to serve our communities,” Stephen said.

Madeleine always seemed destined to follow in her father’s footsteps.

“I remember sitting on his lap reading medical textbooks when I was little and just thinking, well that’s exactly what I’ve got to be,” Madeleine said.

“She’s reliable, very dedicated and very kind to her patients and that makes me extremely proud,” Stephen said.

They shared their story with the Today Show this morning - watch it here.