Feb 26, 2021

Behind the scenes photos of ONJ Centre nurses to be displayed in exhibition

Photographs taken by Austin Health neurology nurse Ben Metherell show the focus, dedication and collaboration of our ONJ Centre nurses during the pandemic.

The portraits are being shown as part of the ‘UNMASKED’ exhibition running at Her Place Women’s Museum from 2 March – 1 April 2021, celebrating and paying tribute to Australian and Victorian nurses and midwives.

The exhibition draws on 230 years of nursing history and is set against a backdrop of social and political change which highlights their diverse roles over two centuries.

“As a nurse myself, it was fascinating to enter into the oncology space. I’m constantly surprised by the diverse expertise in our hospital,” says Ben.

Ben explains that in day oncology nurses spend a big proportion of their time carefully preparing medications and working collaboratively to double check each other’s work.

“They work so naturally together, there’s a strong sense of teamwork," says Ben.

Ben also noticed how well staff get to know their patients, as they may be having treatment over several weeks, multiple times a week.

“Seeing them greet the patients like old friends, you could tell they had a strong rapport and knew their patients really well.”

Ben said he was amazed by just how specialised and how varied the roles are within the ONJ Centre.

“We have nurses, oncologists, radiation therapists, clinical trials coordinators, just to name a few.

“All dedicated to providing the very best care to patients. We have an incredible cancer service at Austin Health,”says Ben.

Earlier this year we shared ‘Photographs from the frontline’ and ‘A look into 7 East our COVID-19 Ward’ a series of photographs that Ben took of his colleagues during the height of the pandemic. These photos will also be displayed in the ‘UNMASKED’ exhibition.


Nurse, Kirsty Rheuben, runs infusions for a patient in Day Oncology.


A close up look of Kirsty running infusions.


Nurses, Diane Han and Mia Gleeson carefully calculate dosage and administration rates for patient’s chemotherapy treatment.


Nurse, Hugh Lovell, sets up his medication administration pump to deliver a chemotherapy infusion.


Nurse, Kristen Oataway, talking to a patient prior to their radiotherapy treatment.


Nursing staff work together to slide a patient onto a trolley.