Sunrise for web
 Mar 14, 2021

A special night shift tradition

Every morning, night shift staff from our 7 South Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Ward get together on the balcony of the ONJ Centre and watch the sunrise together.

Dr Michael Woodburn was in his office when he overheard staff talking about going to watch the sunrise, so decided to join in.

“When you’re working at night, it feels like you’re missing out on so many activities. It’s really nice that you can get something that no one else can get during the day,” Michael says.

Registered Nurse, Jacqui Flynn, says the tradition started as a chance to gather as a team and reflect before going home.

“It allows us to leave with a peaceful and calm mindset before finishing. The sunrise is like a little present for doing night shift,” says Jacqui.

Registered Nurse, Lauren Harcourt also loves watching the sunrise.

“It’s really calming and helps the team reset knowing even if the shift was really busy, the world is just waking up,” says Lauren.

Nurse Unit Manager, Emma Cohen is proud of this ritual and her team's commitment to wellbeing.

“The view is amazing but it’s the team that create a great workplace culture and it’s the exceptional teamwork that results in the delivery of high quality, safe care.

"The 7 South team on night duty have found a way to ground themselves and not to lose sight of the simple things which is so important when you work in a fast-paced, dynamic ward,” says Emma.