A group of Austin Health staff members wearing masks stand near the pedestrian footbridge over Burgundy Street, Heidelberg.
 Jul 20, 2021

No one should be soldiering on at this point in history

20 July 2021

A seven-day lockdown extension has been announced for Victoria and will now end on Tuesday 27 July.

And Austin Health Mental Health Divisional Medical Director, Sophie Adams, says it’s important to recognise all of us are weathering different storms right now, but no one should be soldiering on at this point in history.

“Here we are in lockdown 5.0 and overwhelmingly we’re feeling the burn,” she says.

“Reach out if you can to those who may not be doing so well.

“You will feel better for being useful and think about reaching out to others if, when and as you need it.”

Sophie recommends trying to retain a normal daily routine and including exercise is important.

“Especially exercise that requires concentration as flow will help you de-escalate,” she says.

Going outside and experiencing nature can also do wonders.

“See the sun, watch the clouds and feel the wind,” she says.

Setting daily small goals also gives you something different to focus on.

“Perhaps today can be the day you make something, play the piano that sits in your house unused, or contact an old friend from 20 years ago,” she says.

“Remember, this too shall pass, and we will be proud of what we did today.”

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