Austin Health vaccination staff
 Oct 29, 2021

1,000,000 reasons to feel safer

A huge COVID-19 vaccination milestone was achieved this week, with more than 1,000,000 vaccinations administered in the north-east of Melbourne.

Nurse Unit Manager for Austin Health’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program, Sean Mace, says it’s a fantastic achievement for the region.

“To be able to administer 1,000,000 doses across the north-east, and in particular 25 per cent of that being delivered out of our Austin Health services, is an amazing effort,” he says.

“These vaccinations have helped to protect our community and re-open the state.”

About 250,000 vaccinations have been administered at Austin Health vaccination clinics and the remainder by vaccination teams across Eastern Health, Northern Health, St Vincent’s Health and the Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.

Sean says it’s exciting to see everyone’s hard work since the start of the pandemic – including testing, COVID-19 case management, vaccine development and vaccine administration – get to the stage where Victoria is starting to open up and live with the virus.

“I think we have made terrific progress to reach our vaccination milestones as we fast approach 80 per cent fully vaccinated in Victoria,” Sean says.

If anyone still has concerns about the vaccines, Sean encourages you to speak with your GP who can answer any questions you may have.

“Hopefully they can close the loop on those areas of concern for you and allow you to feel confident about getting the vaccine,” he says.