Nov 1, 2021

Kate's story

The Olivia Newton John Centre (ONJ Centre) changes lives. With your help evidence-based and supportive care programs are made possible. Kate explains how these programs impacted her life whilst she underwent her cancer treatment. 

“The two or three months of intensive treatment didn’t give me space to be thinking how I could deal with it better but as soon as I started taking time out to do the meditation and mindfulness program, I started to realise there were some good things coming out of the experience. My whole life would benefit from that whether I was a cancer sufferer or survivor or not.” 

As a patient at the ONJ Centre, access to world-class treatments and expert specialists are at the forefront of care. The Wellness Team values the importance of body, mind and spirit alongside medical treatment. 

 “I’m learning how important is has been for me to use my creative side, to take the time to do something that I haven’t taken the time to do before. Going through the breast cancer journey has given me the permission to do that.”