220310 - Sandie interview with 7 News
 Mar 15, 2022

7 News visits ONJ Centre

The Radiation Oncology team at the ONJ Centre had a visit from 7 News Melbourne to find out more about our new MR Linac machine.

Prof Farshad Faroudi (Director, Radiation Oncology), Radiation Oncologist, Dr Sweet Ping Ng, and Sandie Fisher (MR Linac Program Lead) all spoke on camera about the benefits of combining MRI technology with linear accelerator treatment.

"By better targetting the cancer, we can provide a higher dose of radiation to improve the chance of curing a lot of tumours," Prof Faroudi said.

"This is a brand new piece of equipment internationally, not only in Australia. We really see it just giving us an endless range of opportunity in order to change the way we treat our patients," Sandie said.

One of those patients is 66 year old Ian Campbell from Bundoora. Ian explained how privileged he felt to be one of the first patients in Australia to receive treatment from an MR Linac for neck cancer.

"Like everyone else in my family, I'm just overwhelmed and relieved. We know it's working and I've got targets now because we know it's working," Ian said.

"My youngest is having a baby, my eldest is getting married and I'm going into retirement," he said.

The full story is available here.