Corrie Young holds a paint brush next to one of her landscape paintings
 Apr 21, 2022

Corrie Young rediscovers herself through art therapy

From the Neanderthals, to the Romans, to the members of the ONJ Art Therapy program, art has forever been used as a method of expression, and a vehicle for healing.

Be it written, painted or sung, art bypasses conscious thought, bringing our subconscious to light and giving us insight into how we really feel.

For Corrie Young, current featured artist in the ONJ Centre, art was a method to “unlock the thoughts and feelings [she] found hard to express”.

Following a brain injury which shattered her sense of identity, and later a cancer diagnosis that exacerbated her loss of self, Corrie turned to art to regain her independence, and reconnect with herself.

The online open studio offered by Austin Health provided Corrie with the space she needed to be herself, and to rediscover her identity by “looking more closely at the symbolism in [her] paintings”.

Art therapy is a form of expression that helps the patient communicate thoughts that are conscious, unconscious, or unable to be spoken about. It can provide a voice when words are lost, and connect us with parts of ourselves that we may not be aware of.

Corrie’s paintings capture her memories and rekindle her deep connection with the natural environment, while also allowing her to look to new horizons. They are hopeful, powerful messages of healing that serve to inspire not only those who witness them, but also Corrie herself.

“My paintings are a story of reconnecting, healing, and finding myself through art”, said Corrie.

Corrie’s exhibition, aptly named ‘Finding Me’ is a compelling story of self-expression and a rousing advocate for the curative powers of art therapy.

Her paintings are currently on display in the ONJ Level 3 walkway, and she encourages all to come and see what she has accomplished in the art therapy program.

"I hope the story of my art ‘journey’ might encourage you to see the healing power of creativity, to help you feel more in control, have tools to self soothe and calm, and to give insights to your soul.”