Participants at Olivia's Walk for Wellness
 Oct 12, 2022

Olivia's Walk for Wellness a huge success

Last Sunday, 9 October, was a special day for Austin Health as thousands of people came together for Olivia’s Walk for Wellness, raising funds to provide wellness therapies at the ONJ Centre.

More than 4,000 gathered on the lawns of Alexandra Gardens and began their lap of the Tan, raising money for important treatments.

"This years Olivia's Walk for Wellness was a special day for the thousands of people who joined us in Melbourne and around the world to honour the legacy of Olivia Newton-John and support people with cancer and the ONJ Centre,” said Debbie Shiell, Austin Health Foundation Director.

Along with those participating in the walk, those who attended were treated to juggling shows, massages and dance parties, there was even a moment to sing Hopelessly Devoted To You, in honour of Olivia Newton-John.

"On behalf of the Austin Health Foundation I would like to express our sincere thanks to our Austin Health partners like Blue Sky, EML and especially Ventia for their additional support. A huge thank you to all of the individuals and teams across Austin Health that helped deliver this special event," said Debbie.

While this year’s walk was the first without Olivia, the unwavering support from our community is a testament to how special this event is to those around the world.

Thank you for being part of something really special and for raising funds for the Wellness Centre. Every dollar supports wellness therapies that help people with cancer to thrive.

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