Image from Two Photographers: Two World Views photography exhibition
 Jun 29, 2023

Discover the new Two Photographers: Two World Views photography exhibition

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre (ONJ Cancer Centre) is proud to present its latest art exhibition, Two Photographers: Two World Views.

Currently on show at the Level 3 walkway between the ONJ Cancer Centre and Harold Stokes Building, this captivating showcase features two collections of original photographs: World Moments by Eva Rugel and Poles Apart by Antoine Nsair.

Combining these two unique collections into one astounding experience, we invite you to immerse yourself in the unique perspectives of Eva Rugel and Antoine Nsair, as their photographs guide you on a journey of discovery and contemplation.

"In art therapy, art therapists often use this kind of potentially powerful connection between people and imagery to create exchanges that are meaningful and life enhancing,” says Fiona Scottney, Senior Art Therapist and curator of Two Photographers: Two World Views.

“We hope that viewing these photos is a way of seeing other people’s stories and bringing aspects of our own stories to life."

For more information about our art therapy program or to inquire further about the exhibition, please reach out via email at

World Moments by Eva Rugel

In 2022, Austin Health was fortunate to have Eva Rugel donate a small part of her original exhibition, World Moments, to the ONJ Cancer Centre as a way of sharing her observations of beauty and human nature.

Captured during Eva’s epic 13-month overland trip in Australia, through Asia, and then Germany, World Moments premiered in Freiburg, Germany in 2016 before moving to Japan in 2017, before again moving to Melbourne.

"I cannot travel without taking in beauty and observing human nature,” Eve reflects. “I love the unforeseen and surprising. Whenever I come across some special light, matching colours, an expression on somebody’s face, alarm lights flash inside of me."

Poles Apart by Antoine Nsair

The second collection, Poles Apart by Antoine Nsair, emerged as a fundraising exhibition as a way for Antoine to materialise his gratitude for the care given to his sister at the ONJ Cancer Centre's Haematology Unit and bring beauty into the lives of others.

Over the past fifteen years, Antoine has travelled to some of the most breathtaking places on Earth, including the Arctic and Antarctica, to capture nature's awe-inspiring beauty.

"Most of my photographs are taken at dawn, just before the sun rises, or at sunset during and after sunset, capturing nature’s immense beauty, light, and colour,” says Antoine.

“I ask you, as my audience, to spend time looking at each photo and enjoy the way it is presented by an artist, to really see and appreciate the beautiful landscape and wildlife of our planet."