Anna and her husband Peter sit on a pier with their dog
 Oct 4, 2023

Meet Hannah

A husband, a dog, a teaching career and a fit and active lifestyle were all part of Hannah’s day-to-day life until early one morning she had a seizure.

It was on this day, 30 March 2023, that Hannah’s husband woke to her having a seizure and their lives changed forever.

Hannah was rushed to hospital and after a CT scan and an MRI, the team at Austin Health found a lesion and confirmed a 5x6cm tumor on the right side of Hannah’s brain.

A biopsy was performed and sent to Sydney for DNA sequencing and to confirm Hannah’s diagnosis of a grade 2 diffuse astrocytoma.

Immediately Hannah was set up on a treatment plan that included six weeks of radiation and 12 months of chemotherapy. However, the first part of Hannah’s treatment was delayed due to IVF treatment.

“Peter and I are yet to add to our family, and due to the risks chemotherapy can have on fertility, we were offered and chose to complete IVF. We completed two cycles, which unfortunately delayed the commencement of my treatment by one and a half months, but this was well worth it as we now have eight frozen embryos.”

The first part of Hannah’s treatment was performed via MR guided radiotherapy at the Olivia Newton-Johns Centre’s Statewide MR Linac Service in addition to oral chemotherapy.

Hannah is still in ongoing treatment and has been able to continue part-time work and spend time with family and friends, who will join her walking on Sunday 8 October at Olivia’s Walk for Wellness.

“I signed up and created a team for the walk because I have been touched by cancer many times, including my own journey. I wanted to be able to raise awareness and help fund research to give other people going through this a more positive and supported journey and outcomes – and give back to the community that's shown me so much love and support.”

Join us, and patients like Hannah, at Olivia’s Walk for Wellness on Sunday 8 October in Melbourne, or virtually, to support people living with cancer. All funds raised will go towards wellness programs that reduce the side effects of treatment and help people with cancer to thrive.

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