margo's garden
 Apr 22, 2024

Margo’s Garden

Following the sudden death of much-loved nurse Margo Baker, her friends and family asked what they could do to honour and remember her. Her sister Carrie explained, “Margo was deeply committed to her job as a palliative care nurse on 8 South, and we thought contributing to the ward would be a great way to honour her memory.”

Margo’s loved ones generously raised $21,672 to create two green balcony spaces ONJ staff and patients can now use. “It is valuable to us to know that Margo's legacy is still at work in the place she loved so much – providing safe spaces, comfort, care, and peace to others."

This week Margo’s family visited for a morning tea to see the new spaces. There is a new vinyl installation on Palliative Care Unit balcony, where patients and families often gather, as well as a dedicated staff garden and barbeque area, named Margo’s Garden.

Originally the views out from these balconies were vast and open, but the immediate spaces were plain. Now they offer more colour, greenery, furniture and visual detail for patients, families and staff to enjoy.

Thank you for this beautiful expression of love and generosity, in which people can reflect, relax and connect – all things that were part of the way Margo lived her life. 


Margo's coworkers and family at the opening