Adriano gets his blood pressure checked by a nurse.
 Jul 3, 2024

Patient Spotlight: Adriano Donato

Each year, Olivia’s Walk for Wellness serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible work carried out at the ONJ Centre. 
In this video, patient Adriano Donato shares his inspiring story as a cancer patient at the ONJ Centre. 
After a period of undergoing tests at 6 different hospitals, Adriano finally came to the ONJ Centre, to have extensive chemotherapy to treat the large tumours in his heart. Lymphoma is a common cancer but extremely rare and life threatening when found in the heart. 
“The mental challenge is real during treatment. So having that wellness offering was incredibly important,” Adriano shares.

Proceeds from the walk are vital in supporting the therapies offered at our Wellness Centre and to continue the vision of the centre.
“Melbournians get together and support patients, family members or family members whom have passed away every single year. It is our primary event for philanthropic donations. They support everything we do and we do everything for the patients,” mentions Dr Ashley Bigaran, PhD, AEP - Operations Manager, Wellness and Supportive Care.
Sign up today to take part in this wonderful day, held at Alexandra Gardens on Sunday 6 October.