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Only donations keep these programs going. Let's keep it growing. Suzi Juracic, ONJ Centre patient
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Sadly, cancer touches each and every one of us. As you read this, another person will be told they have cancer. Another family will be coming to terms with the diagnosis.

Because of your generosity and kindness, patients at ONJ Cancer Centre are able to live better with cancer through world class treatments, integrated research, leading clinical trials and tailored wellness programs.

Compassionate and caring staff are ready to provide patients and their families physical, emotional and spiritual support, but we need your help.

"We know many more patients will come through our doors this year, hopeful of treatments and even a cure. Without kind and caring people like you, we would have little chance of being able to support the people and resources on the front line of research and wellness." - Cherie Cheshire, Director, Cancer and Neurosciences.

  • $45 from you can help carers connect with others who understand the loneliness and anxiety of caring for someone with cancer. Donate now.
  • Your very generous $65 can provide supportive care such as Oncology Massage to help a patient who has pain, nausea, anxiety or fatigue. Donate now.
  • Your amazing $110 can provide one of our researchers more time to develop treatments or even be one step closer to finding a cure. Donate now.
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Suzi's story...

Suzi (pictured at top recovering from her stem cell transplant) is currently in treatment for an aggressive form of myeloma. Wellness programs have given her hope, and she is so grateful for your support.

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"It's one of the toughest cancers to beat but I am determined"

After waking up one day with a sore back, Suzi was diagnosed with aggressive myeloma. She was admitted to the ONJ Cancer Centre to begin intense treatment. Suzi (pictured here preparing for her stem cell transplant) is so grateful for the ONJ Centre. "The ONJ Centre is about treatment, but it's treatment combined with wellness... it becomes about the person." Suzi's story is one of hope and determination. See how your support has helped her manage the stress and anxiety of her diagnosis.

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