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My world was turned on its head when I suffered a major seizure and collapsed face first on the floor. Ian, onj patient
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Ian's life was challenging, diverse and interesting. In January 2015 Ian's world was turned upside down when he suffered a major seizure.  Scans showed what looked like a small apple in his brain. 

"Following an awake craniotomy, I was introduced to the world of gliomas (brain cancers).  Luckily mine is low grade - incurable but with the wonders of modern medicine, I have at least been blessed with the gift of time."  But Ian hadn't expected months of combined chemotherapy and radiation, or the lack of emotional control that he experienced.

"My wife Jane and I benefitted from a much-needed network of support at the ONJ Centre through world-class physicians, caring staff and researchers and an array of wellness programs, particularly the Brain Cancer Support Group and the Carers Support Group." 

"My recovery has come so much further than I would have believed possible, thanks to this amazing place and the superheroes that reside in it."

Ian continues to be a regular visitor to wellness programs at the ONJ Centre .

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