Suzi's story of hope and determination

I was told it's one of three things. Leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma. I thought who is he talking to in the room? Couldn't be me! Suzi, onj patient
Suzi Juracic Christmas 2016 hero

In May 2015 Suzi woke up with a sore back. She was never sick, she was fit, health conscious and ate really well.  However for a week and a half she felt like she had a chill. She went to the doctor who said she needed to see a haematologist.

"When you are referred to a specialist you expect to be told what the issue is. But you never expect to be told you have Myeloma." It's one of the toughest cancers to beat but Suzi is determined.

ONJ staff gave Suzi the confidence to begin treatment, a stem cell procedure where her own cells were treated and stored, ready to be transplanted back at a later date. 

"When I was at the ONJ Centre I met Olivia Newton-John. I told her that everyone who walked into my room were encouraging, supportive, and understanding. Even though I was petrified, everyone at the ONJ Centre were amazing. They gave me hope."

Suzi continues her ongoing treatment for her aggressive myeloma.

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