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Cancer doesn't stop over weekends, it doesn't go on public holidays or take a long holiday break. Our nurses do not take a break either. Day and night, 365 days a year, through winter, spring, summer and autumn, our nurses will continue to be at the frontline of exceptional care for our cancer patients.


No one wants to be in hospital. Our nurses will always do everything possible, with doctors and staff, to get patients back home with their loved ones .

However, for those too unwell to get home, our nurses will be there with compassion and kindness and will always ensure the very best care continues to be provided.

Nurses are the soul of the ONJ Centre. They are here for you 24/7.

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We'll be here for you

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Being in here can be very isolating and lonely so I dressed up in a Santa costume... the patient's children loved it ... it was great. In this video Georgie talks about how she makes Christmas special for patients.


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"I'll be here for you" - Georgie

To me, Christmas Day is a special time of year, which is why I choose to work on this day. Last Christmas I dressed up as Santa! At midnight I went into a patient's room and we all had a good laugh at my trying to be Santa. One of my patients was able to celebrate the tradition of opening presents with her children using Skype and they were able to see Santa (aka me!) I am here to support our patients. I am here to let them know I will listen to them. I will be here for them, to help them win over cancer.

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When hope (and love) is all you have

In the beginning, it sounds like a magical, perfect love story. French boy meets Australian girl in a charming Irish pub in beautiful Galway. They fall in love, settle in Australia, have two children and life is good. Until leukaemia, quietly brewing for some time, issues the young family a daunting challenge. Find out how nurses became a crucial part of Guillaume's treatment, especially at Christmas time.

Read Guillaume's remarkable story
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Ian's story

Ian's world was turned on its head, literally, when he suffered a major seizure


The story on leukaemia

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Suzi's story

A story of how hope and determination helped Suzi face her cancer diagnosis