How your gift makes a difference

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Your gift will directly help transform the lives of patients for many years to come.

At the ONJ Centre we are dedicated to providing patient-centred medical treatment and care. Patients are at the centre of everything we do and we empower them throughout their cancer journey. Our leading wellness programs support patients to thrive in body, mind and spirit.  Every day our researchers and clinicians work together to discover, develop and trial breakthrough therapies to help people live better with cancer and defeat it.

By leaving a bequest in your Will, you can play a part in providing vital wellness and supportive care programs and access to the latest breakthrough research and therapies for people with cancer. You can make a difference.


Many of the cancers that used to be a death sentence are no longer. Our treatments are much more effective, and people are alive who would not have been. It's not cosmetic what we're doing here, there's a real difference in people's lives." Professor Jonathan Cebon, Medical Director

A gift from the whole family

One of the daily reminders for many patients with cancer that life is far from normal is when they look in the mirror and see not their usual self, but someone who has lost their hair.


Find out more

There are a number of ways you can make a gift in your Will to the ONJ Centre. For a confidential discussion about leaving a gift to the ONJ Centre please contact our Gifts in Wills Manager, Jessica Frean, on 03 9496 5753 or email


For more information:

Jessica Frean
Gifts in Wills Manager
Phone: 03 9496 5753