Our multidisciplinary approach

Your multidisciplinary team at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre is a group of dedicated specialists who work together to design, deliver and guide you through your treatment pathway. The members of your team each contribute unique expertise, every step of the way. They meet regularly to discuss your care, meaning they are all informed of your individual needs.

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Who is in your team?

The disciplines represented in your team depend on your specific needs and treatment plan. There may be specialists from a variety of medical departments. These may include Radiation, Surgery, Medical Oncology, Haematology and Palliative Care. 

You will receive wellbeing support from Wellness & Supportive Care and further treatment from allied health professionals. These may include dieticians, occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists and speech pathologists.

Every individual involved in your care will be an expert in the type of cancer you have. All of these experts work together, focussing on your health, wellbeing and care.

Specialist Clinicis

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How it works

Your treating doctor will collect all the relevant information about your case – your medical history, test results and any other information important in planning your treatment. These will be presented to the whole team at a dedicated meeting where experts who have play a role in your care will discuss your case. Together they will come to an agreement about the very best course of action for you. Your treating doctor will then arrange a time to go over this with you and ensure you know what will happen along your treatment pathway.

Over the course of your treatment you may meet various members of the team or come under their main care for a period of time. Rest assured they are already familiar with your case and are armed with all the information they need to provide you the best care possible.

By involving allied health services and wellness and supportive care alongside medical professionals, your care is focused not just on the cancer, but on your complete physical and emotional wellbeing. In this way we help you to live better along your cancer journey.

Individual treatment plans

Cancer care can be complex and the individual needs of every patient will differ. No one person can be an expert in every area. By meeting together, our expertise is shared and contributed to your treatment plan.

Although only one or two doctors may appear to be directing your care, your multidisciplinary team is in the background providing a broad perspective that considers your complete wellbeing.