Your initial consultation

You and your carer are invited to attend an orientation and education session before your first treatment to familiarise yourselves with the unit, staff, facilities and the treatment process.


For your first treatment it is important to have a support person with you who is able to drive or accompany you home. They are able to sit with you while you receive your treatment. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes with loose sleeves, eat your usual meal and drink plenty of fluids. It is a good idea to bring something to keep you occupied such as a book or electronic device as the treatment can take a long time.

Most chemotherapy treatments are given at the Day Oncology unit on Level 3 of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre. In addition to the latest equipment and highly-trained staff, the unit has been designed to meet the needs of our patients with comfortable chairs and beds, and entertainment devices such as iPads that can be loaned for personal use whilst on the unit. Volunteers are also on hand to provide you with a cup of tea, a snack or to have a chat.

The frequency of your treatment depends on a number of factors including the type of cancer, how well your body recovers and the drugs being administered. It may run in cycles to allow your body time to rest or it may be ongoing. Depending on the type of cancer and the treatment, a session of chemotherapy treatment can last between 30 minutes to eight hours.

Day Oncology staff understand that a diagnosis of cancer and undergoing chemotherapy can be challenging for you and your family. They are available to provide information and support to help you cope with your treatment and any potential side effects. Allied health professionals and wellness therapists are also available in Day Oncology and you can have a medical review by a doctor if you are feeling unwell or are involved in a clinical trial.


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