Searching the internet

There is no shortage of information about cancer on the internet but it can be difficult to work out which websites are reliable and trustworthy. The links below are reliable online resources to help you find current and accurate information.


Mediline plus guide to healthy web surfing

MedlinePlus is a resource created by the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine, both of which are US government health organisations. It provides a set of suggestions about what to look for when judging the reliability of a health information website.

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Health on the net

A good indicator of a reliable website is if it displays a logo showing it has been accredited by Health on the Net. This is a foundation that aims to improve the quality of online health information.

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A website that brings together discussions and articles on questionable medical therapies. It includes a sizeable section on cancer therapies that may be useful when researching treatments.

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