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Consumer engagement refers to an approach in which consumers are involved in the planning, service delivery and evaluation of health care. Austin Health has a long-standing practice and commitment to consumer engagement. Approved consumer representatives are listed on our Consumer Register. Consumer representatives are recruited to a specific partnership role within Austin Health. These roles have a position description and you will be provided with the resources and support to help you fulfill your role.

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Consumer representatives can take on a range of roles within the organisation.  These include;

  • Sitting on a committee
  • Helping to survey patients and carers about their experience
  • Reviewing brochures and other patient information
  • Participating in a working group or community forum to provide feedback about a particular issue or project
  • Help facilitate staff education

You could do a role that requires a regular commitment or something that is less frequent that you can work around your other commitments.

If you are interested in becoming a consumer representative please contact the Austin Health Consumer Engagement Officer in the Centre for Patient Experience.

Please note, going on the consumer register will not prevent you from volunteering at the ONJ Centre or Austin Health. 


Austin Health Consumer Engagement Officer, Centre for Patient Experience

+61 3 94963566

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