Clinical Psychology Service

Clinical Psychologists at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer, Wellness & Research Centre understand that a diagnosis of cancer affects the whole person.  The effects of cancer can be physical and emotional and can affect people in many different ways.

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What are the details?

Clinical psychologists at the ONJ Centre are experienced in supporting people with cancer and their families. This may involve providing support to manage emotional changes, treatment side effects and to make other life adjustments. Strategies can also be provided for managing pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and anger. Talking with a clinical psychologist can help with adjusting to an uncertain future. 

Sometimes people may have pre-existing mental health issues. Getting support from a clinical psychologist can assist in managing these issues while undergoing cancer treatment. Please feel welcome to ask to see a clinical psychologist for any concern you may have.

Who is eligible?

The Clinical Psychology service is available to all ONJ Centre patients, their carers and family members.

How do I book?

If you or a family member would like to see a clinical psychologist:

  • Contact the Wellness Centre on + 61 3 9496 3799 or  

  • Alternatively you can visit the Wellness Centre on Level 3 of the ONJ Centre to discuss a referral. 

  • A referral can also be made by a staff member from the ONJ Centre.