Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a research-based practice and health profession in which music is used to actively support you as you strive to improve your health, functioning and wellbeing, in a positive and supportive environment. Music has nonverbal, creative, structural and emotional qualities. Our Registered Music Therapists use music to promote, maintain and restore mental, physical emotional and spiritual health.

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What are the details?

Music therapy is available in individual and small group sessions across the ONJ Centre.  Patients participate in music therapy by listening to music, choosing or writing songs, singing and playing instruments. 

Our music therapists work in Day Oncology, inpatient wards and in the Wellness Centre on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Music therapy can connect you with others and encourage emotional expression. If you would like to receive a visit from a music therapist, please speak with your nurse who will make a referral on your behalf.

Who do I contact?

Music Therapist

Kate McMahon

+61 3 9496 9813


More about music therapy

  • Music is engaging and encourages interaction between listeners and participants
  • Music connects people to self and others
  • Music encourages emotional expression
  • Music can relieve stress and stimulate positive feelings
  • Research demonstrates music is effective in the treatment of cancer-related pain and anxiety/mood.

Patients and their families can participate as both inpatients and outpatients by:

  • Drumming and improvisation
  • Environmental Music Therapy
  • Listening to music
  • Music for the actively dying
  • Music-assisted counseling
  • Reminiscence and life review
  • Song choice - singing
  • Song writing - recording.
Mum, another patient, my sister and I were singing along with the music therapist and he really engaged us all. I realised that whatever difficulties you are facing, somehow music can be a simple, immediate and gentle release from the moment. Anne, Family Member